Core Team

“The most meaningful change happens inside you and your organization with your own people”  – Szabina Mozes, Founder of Ecoflow Consulting

Szabina Mozes szabi
Szabina worked in the field of media and communications in the last fifteen years wearing many hats as a journalist, spokesperson, PR and communications manager, media relations specialist and communications strategist. She has extensive knowledge and network in the international non profit sector as she spent ten years working with Greenpeace and helped in many successful projects across the globe. She is also a certified Motivational and Emotional Intelligence coach and trainer.


John Bowler john2
John is a high-calibre team leader with over 30 years experience in campaigning, advocacy and communications at the national, EU and international levels. A dynamic strategist and tactician with a strong focus on political engagement and public mobilisation. He is a leader who has constantly strived to improve and develop his teams to enable them to deliver efficient, effective, cutting edge, creative projects.


Nicole SchneiderNicole Schneider
Nicole is the founder and owner of Global NLP Training established in 2006. She has worked in the fields of training design, educational psychology, personality typology and intercultural communications for over 20 years. She has an international reputation as a coach and NLP trainer, as a preferred vendor of the US army therapeutic staff, the United Nations, fortune 500 companies and various non for profit organizations. She calls herself a social Edupreneur, supporting various non-profit organizations in micro-lending and schooling of mentally disabled children in Asia. She teaches small business owners around the world to use social entrepreneurship as a new form of marketing, creating a positive image, whilst helping those less fortunate.

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